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The ultimate guide on how and what to do for studying Pharmacy in the UK

Importance of Pharmacy degree in the UK

Studying in the UK immensely helps students to build a successful career in the field of pharmacy and live a better lifestyle. There are ample scopes for pharmacy students after completing a master’s degree in pharmacy in the United Kingdom. The UK is a country with the best education system and great research opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector. Majority of big Pharma companies have based their research in the UK, and after completing a master’s program in the best universities of the UK, students can have a chance to get training or a job in such companies.

Most of the pharmacy universities in Great Britain are globally recognized and ranked in top positions in the QS world ranking lists. In the UK, pharmacist profession is the third largest healthcare profession, and pursuing the pharmacy career in the UK presents students with an opportunity of having high-paying positions in different pharmaceutical sectors.

Postgraduate degree from the prestigious universities of the UK and work experience reflecting in your CV itself opens the door for better job opportunities even anywhere in the world as well. There are a variety of postgraduate specializations in pharmacy with better educational facilities such as laboratories equipped with advanced instruments and library resources.

Universities & Courses

Pharmacy Colleges and Universities in UK

Pharmacy Courses to Pursue in UK

Pros and Cons of Studying in UK

Entry Requirements for Studying Pharmacy in UK

For master’s application you will need a bachelor’s degree in recognized university, IELTS overall band score of 6.5 or 7, resume, SOPs, LORs, academic qualification documents such as academic transcript, marksheets, etc. In order to get admission in OSPAP course candidates need a GPhC approval letter, IELTS overall band score of, and candidates must be a registered pharmacist in their home country.

Toughness to Get Admission for Pharmacy in UK

Applying for admissions in the UK is, however, not that difficult unless you choose to study several competitive courses in some best universities. In that case, it is advisable that you make sure your SOPs are strong and you apply for the admission on time.

Employment Opportunities For Pharmacy field in UK

The UK is a growing hub for pharmaceutical research and development which opens a door for research enthusiasts to make a promising career in the research fields. Moreover, there are numerous pharmaceutical jobs available with handsome salaries to further a career in pharmacy.

For those who wish to become a registered pharmacist, once you have a university offer letter and approval letter from GPhC, you can find a job before joining a university as a part of your registration process to complete the 52 weeks training period. After that, once you pass the pre-registration assessment test (OSPAP exam) depending upon the individual’s choice, a candidate can continue working as a licensed pharmacist at the same place where he/she got training or they can change.

Chances of getting PR for Pharmacy field in UK

It is quite difficult to get PR unless you manage to get a sponsored job for 5 years. To get PR in the UK candidates must have lived in the UK for 5 years (excluding study visa and post-study work visa). Once you are a licensed pharmacist and you get a job for up to 5 years then you can work on a work permit for 5 continuous years. After that you are eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK for PR.

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