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“Right Country selection” is the important part of Bright Future: We have been graduates form Gujarat’s best institute K.B.Institute. We Decided to go abroad for bright future thus have select...
Shital & Charmi  Patel ( LIU USA - Canada )
I have been graduated in April'10 from “Samanvay Institute of Pharmacy” located in Small Town, Botad. After Completing of my graduation I was thinking to go abroad for Bright Future as a pharmaci...
Mayur  Chavda ( Samanvay Institute of Pharmacy - Canada )
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“Course Selection” is a Big Matter for Future: I got 7.0 bands In IELTS. All Agency Suggest me Pharmacy Technician Course is only best option for me. When I get confusion so finally I cam...
Manan Brahmbhatt ( Dhanvantri Institute of Pharmacy - Canada )
“Life time career guidance” is the Part of Continuous bright career: I am permanent residence of Canada so my life is secured. However P.R. status can't provide me a Bright Future until I get ...
Manshi Vaghela ( Canada P.R. Holder - Canada )
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Gaurav B. Patil ( Narsee Monjee Institute of Pharmacy (NMIMS) - )
Hello Nitesh sir, I Yagnesh Trivedi of IPCD Jan 2012 Batch, I am so glad to inform you that I have passed PEBC Evaluating, qualifying examination completed mu Internship and currently working as a ful...
Yagnesh R. Trivedi ( - )
I, Ruchita Patel, Thank you very much, Nitesh sir you are the one of the best Teacher and Career counselor in the world. I have to share some really good news with you I have cleared Evaluating as wel...
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Thank you very mush Nitesh sir for everything including giving comprehensive Career guidance and Planning. Now, I realized, it was worthwhile to leave my Job as a Territory manager in Mumbai and came ...
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Why Canada ?

Canada world's second largest country by total area and shares land borders with the United States to the south and northwest. Canada, host for more than 180,000 International students in any year. Increasingly, Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. Canadian Institutes, charge lower tuition fees for international students than other competing countries.

Students in Canada are allowed to work part time on campus during the first 6 months of their program and off campus part time thereafter. The duration permitted is up to 20 hours per week. Several programs may even have a paid co-op term where one gets hands on experience in working in the industry. Further students on the completion of their program can work up to 3 years depending on the length of their study program.

International students can apply for their Permanent Residency However they need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 67 Points. To meet 67 points criteria students must have at least 1 year experience during their work permit.


Canadian Education System

At the post-secondary level, institutions are divided into community colleges and universities. A significant number of university graduates attend college upon completion of their degree in order to acquire vocational skills for employment.

Types of Certification

  • Certificate : Is a qualification awarded upon successful completion of a programme which is usually one year in length.
  • Diploma : Is a qualification awarded on the basis of one or two years of successful study.
  • Advanced Diploma : Is a 3 years program some of which may lead to a Bachelors Degree.
  • Bachelor’s Degrees : Are awarded by Universities/ University Colleges/ Community Colleges after four years of full-time study and lead to graduate level studies.
  • Post Graduate Diplomas / Certificates : It lead to a Masters Degree. These programs have work terms which provide full-time opportunities to gain practical experience along with theoretical studies. A typical co-op term lasts 12 to 17 weeks. The prerequisite to participate in these programs is a Bachelors Degree of 3 or 4 years duration.
  • Masters Degree : Is an option for Bachelors Degree. Graduates who have an interest in further learning and research and for those who want to broaden their career possibilities. It is for 2 yrs duration and can be pursued after 4 yrs Bachelors or 3yrs Bachelors must have minimum 1 year experience and so many Recommendation letters from your HODs. You must have at list one research Project during your B.Pharm.
  • Doctorate or PhD : Is a degree ranking above the Masters Degree and generally requires four to seven years to complete



Grade Point Average (GPA)

The average grade achieved by a student during the course of an educational program, is calculated on various scales depending on the Institution. (eg : Generally the student may be evaluated an a 4-point scale or a 9 point scale).


Eligibility Criteria


International students are expected to start planning for their studies in Canada 1 year in advance. The major intake for Canada primarily is 'fall' i.e September. The other intake is in the month of 'winter' i.e. January. Very few institutes might have the May intake as well.

English Language Requirement

All students must be fluent in English if they are applying to Canadian Institutes. International students need to reach the required level of English language competence. All students should take up the IELTS or TOEFL (ibt) exams. An IELTS band of 6.0/6.5 for Undergraduate & 6.5/7 for Postgraduate courses or a TOEFL score of 80 and above for Undergraduate and 90 and above for Post Graduate courses is desirable.

Procedure to study in Canada

  • All Canadian university and colleges accept IELTS for Admission in Suitable courses and VISA Application. (No need For TOFEL& GRE)
  • On BASIS of your IELTS score PharmaVision will proceed your Application for Admission in Nitesh sir’s Recommended and best your suitable courses.
  • On basis of your offer letter in major three intakes JAN, MAY, SEPT we can precede your file for student VISA.



Why PharmaVision ?

PharmaVision, Pharmacist career consultancy always promote Quality education, and serve best service because as Pharmacy Students we deserve best quality education and excellent Job Opportunity. PharmaVision help you to achieve your career goal with minimum of investment of money and quality time such as....

  • Higher Education
  • Excellent career as a Pharmacist
  • Excellent Money
  • Life Security
Why PharmaVision...
  • Only Consultancy in Entire India exclusively for Pharmacy Students.
  • Only Consultancy in Entire India , preparing for Abroad Pharmacy registration Examinations (take a challenge)
  • Only Consultancy in Entire India operated personally by CPE Gold medallist, Registered Clinical pharmacist, Australian Citizen and member of APSA, PSA and CPA.
  • Who has guided and Helped more than hundreds of Indian Pharmacy students in getting bright career in Abroad
  • Who has been personally appreciated by many government authorities.
  • Nearly, 100% admission and Visa success ratio.
  • Wide choice of colleges and Programs in Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, UK and Ireland
  • Providing all the services with no extra cost

Admission Facilities

Course selection is the most important step towards your career in abroad. At PharmaVision Mr Nitesh sir give special attention to any of students so he/ she can select best suitable course as per her/him circumstances.

We are continuous stay in touch so student get benefits of fees waived service of PharmaVision so students can save more money at PharmaVision. Exclusively we are giving guidance to our students that which course will help to be a registered pharmacist and which course will be increase opportunity window after registration as a Pharmacist.

Pharmacist Registration exam Preparation FPGEE, NAPLEX, PEBC, APEC

One and only institute preparing for P.R.E.Preparation

  • Structured live lecture review classes for “Abroad Pharmacy registration Examination (Part -1 and Part-2)” that covers entire syllabuses.
  • Provides high quality yield material.
  • Regular MOCK Test
  • While you are in Canada, will provide online Practice test
  • Idea exchange forum with pharmacy students from all over the Gujarat.

Visa facilities

PharmaVision is well updated with VISA Formalities and Comprehensive preparation regarding completion of VISA Application. Our Visa Finance expert will make your Finance Document so it’s totally free of worries.

Assist for Bank loan as well

Pre Departure facility of PharmaVision is most appreciated by Students because we are providing them best Pre departure counselling, Forex & Travel Currency, & Accommodation Assistance as well.

Career as a Pharmacist

The pharmacy profession is highly demanding and rewarding profession for many years in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK and all other first world countries. Pharmacist is the most important and positive contributing member of the health care system of any particular country. For last two decade, the Pharmacist demand is continually rising in all the developed countries.

The demand is continuously growing because of following reasons

  • More than 47% of currently working Pharmacist are above age of 45 years
  • Old age population is dramatically increase in developed countries due to long life expectance
  • Increasing the rate and onset of chronic disease at early age
  • Continually, increasing the responsibilities of pharmacist thus new era of pharmacy profession has evolved as a
    • Registered Pharmacist
    • Clinical Pharmacist
    • Hospital Pharmacist
    • Consultant Pharmacist
    • Disease management Pharmacist
    • MMR Pharmacist
    • Nuclear Pharmacist
    • Geriatric Pharmacist
    • Industrial Pharmacist
    • Prescribing Pharmacist
  • Local students are not preferring to study Pharmacy courses

Thus, employment potential as a Pharmacist is very high in Canada, USA, AUS, NZ, and UK

To grab all this opportunities International Students must have to get “licence to practise as a pharmacist” In any particular country. In order to get Pharmacist licence, candidate must have to pass few simple steps. PharmaVision is the only Consultancy providing Guidance and Training for this steps in entire INDIA)

Step - 1 : Pharmacist Evaluation Examination (Stage 1)
Step - 2 : Training as a Pharmacist
Step - 3 : Qualifying Examination (Stage 2)

Registration Steps USA Canada Australia / NZ UK
Step - 2 NAPLEX+
  1. What is the important to get registration (Licence) as a Pharmacist in Abroad ?
  2. How to get registration as a Pharmacist in first world countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ and Ireland ?
  3. How hard is it to become a pharmacist / is it hard to become a pharmacist ?
  4. Is our 4years B.Pharm valid in all the developed countries ?
  5. Can I get direct “Pharmacy Registration” after doing Master/Ph.D in Pharmacy from Abroad country ?
  6. Is Pharmavision preparing for all the registration Examinations ?
  7. How Pharmavision can help ?
  1. What is the important to get registration (Licence) as a Pharmacist in Abroad ?

    There are numbers of positive reasons to become a registered pharmacist such as

    • Excellent job opportunities
      (100:5) job ratio means 100 possition available as a Reg. Pharmacist and only 5 job available as a Non reg. pharmacist)
    • Wide variety of career options such as Community pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Consultant pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, prescribing Pharmacist, also can work In Research, Academic and Industrial sectors.
    • In case of Non reg. Pharmacist considering as a General Graduate students so only option is Industries again market is very competitive nearly impossible to get entry.
    • Earning wise excellent wages for Registered pharmacist ($1,00,000/year $ 35000/year, means $50/hr : $ 14/hr)
    • Excellent permanent settlement (PR) chances
    • Excellent business opportunities (Own Pharmacy)
  2. How to get registration as a Pharmacist in first world countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ and Ireland ?

    Generally, in all the first world countries the Pharmacist Registration Procedures are almost same but different registration organisations are conducting the process.

    General processes are dividing into 5 steps :

    • Equivalency Examination
    • Training
    • Qualifying Examination
      (Law and English Proficiency test)
  3. How hard is it to become a pharmacist / is it hard to become a pharmacist ?

    It is very easy as well as very important also because without registration it’s very difficult to get job. if you have proper guidance and training about the examination its too easy as well as enjoyable, Otherwise it is quite difficult to pass.

  4. Is our 4years B.Pharm valid in all the developed countries ?

    Yes, our 4 years B.Pharm is valid in all the first world countries like Canada, Australia, NZ, UK except USA (USA need 5 years of B.Pharm)
    Reference Website : www.nabp.net

  5. Can I get direct Pharmacy Registration after doing Master/Ph.D in Pharmacy from that country ?

    No, you cannot because you must have to complete all the 3 steps in order to get registration as a Pharmacist in that particular country.

  6. Is Pharmavision preparing for all the registration Examinations ?

    Yes, we provide pharmacy courses for Pharmacy Registrations examination preparations such as FPGEE, NAPLEX, PEBC I and II, APEC I and II and GPhC / RPSGB. All courses have been tailored and Study materials have been created by well experienced and licensed commonwealth registered pharmacist as per the Respective Examination syllabus.

  7. How Pharmavision can help to achieve bright career as a Pharmacist in Abroad?

    Pharmavision is comprehensively preparing you for every steps of your abroad EDUCATION

    • Higher Education
    • Excellent career as a Pharmacist
    • Excellent Money
    • Life Security

    Start from your Scratch to achievement as a Excellent career Pharmacist

    • VISA
Pharmacist registration process of your desired country such as USA, Canada,UK, Australia, NZ and Ireland.
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