Our Story

Pharmavision was found in 2010 but its need and concept took birth in 2003 when I, Nitesh Viramgama, had a very unpleasant experience with Overseas Education Consultancies while seeking admission for my Master’s degree. To begin with, after completing my Bachelors in Pharmacy with excellent score, I went hunting for consultancies that could help me draw a blue print of my career henceforth. Consultant after consultant, all I received was disappointment. I realized the gap between consultant and agent.

Ultimately I ended up researching opportunities myself and landed on the conclusion of pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in clinical pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy(Research) Program at Curtin University of Technology, Australia for the batch of February 2004. Since I had appeared for IELTS during my graduation, I immediately appointed an agency in Ahmedabad to help me get through my visa process in 2003, where I landed up paying three times the fees, to an incompetent counsellor who didn’t guide me properly and I missed my admission in 2004 batch.

Compelled by the situation, I agreed to wait till February 2005 batch. But incompetency of the counsellor came with a huge price tag and I had to pay as follows:

  1. A permanent residency regulation was been changed from 1 year study to 2 year study.
  2. APCE Licensing Authority changed English requirement
  3. University Tuition fees changed from AUS $9000 to $13000 per semester
  4. Obvious delay in my career as a PHARMACIST

Soon after all this I started preparing for February 2005 admission, but because of lack of proficiency at the agency’s end I didn’t get my offer letter on time. I started following up at the university on my own and somehow managed to get the offer letter. I gave my visa file to the consultant, who to my misfortune didn’t submit in time, which left me with no visa in hand. Consultant bluntly rejected my offer of requesting the university to allow me an extension. With no option left, I contacted the university authorities directly and explained them my situation and convinced them to grant me an extension till 31st January, 2005.

From rushing to Australian High Commission in New Delhi five days before my extension ended, to finally getting my visa and packing my stuff in less than four days, I went through a roller coaster ride. I reached Australia absolutely clueless and homeless.

After meeting several students there I realized there was dearth of knowledge among students about licensing exams, career as a pharmacist, professional guidance, and Employability skills.

This finally led me to putting the foundation stone for NLEAD Education Consultancy. It has been started with the objective to help students to achieve their career goals with minimum investment of Time & Money.



"We are committed to most trusted and reliable Overseas Education Consultant with Innovative institute"



"Our mission is to bring excellent Overseas career Opportunity within the reach of every student and make them empowered with required skills and competencies"



"Honesty, Transparency, Co-operation and Empathy"

We Believe in ABCDE

Authentic information for Awareness

Comprehensive Planning for clarity

Best Knowledge for Motivation

Desired skills and competencies for success

Essentially independency for self satisfaction

We are committed to transform our student to a competent global player


2003-04 Development Stage:

Nitesh Sir in the beginning of his abroad career journey and that’s where the inspiration to start Pharmavision took Birth.

2005-06 Sharing and Helping Stage:

Nitesh Sir became an inspiration for his friends. He helped more than hundreds of students in preparation of Pharmacist Licensing Exam, while he was still a student himself.

2007-08 Research & Development Stage:

We started research on current need of pharmacy students in India.

2009-10 Awareness Stage:

Nitesh Sir drove 40,000km with the idea of creating awareness and helping students of pharmacy in India.

2011-12 Pioneering Stage:

We emerged as leader for Pharmacy Students with an exclusive consultancy for pharmacy students only right from career counseling to visa files preparation.We gave counseling to 15000 students.

2013-14 Recognition Stage:

Our efforts and results were recognized and appreciated by the government and non government organizations. While creating thousands of success stories, we lived our dream alongside.

2015-16 Expansion Stage:

We expanded our services to all graduates. (Not only for pharmacy students).(Owing to the over whelming response and requests from our alumni and their parents).

2017-18 Projection Stage:

Successfully, we helped 12th grade students for preparing a career plan and to study abroad. Along with that we prepared career mapping for pharmacy students and all other graduates.

2019-20 Vision:

To help all Indian Graduates with broader career options. We want to make our services reachable all over India.

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Chief Founder
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