PEBC Exam Mock Test Series

The PEBC Mock Test Series is a comprehensive course designed by Pharmavision, India’s premier pharmacist career consultancy, to offer aspiring pharmacists a simulated examination experience closely mirroring the actual Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) examinations.

By Nitesh Viramgama​


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Test Contents: 10 Question Papers


What you'll learn?

Course Description

The PEBC Mock Test Series by Pharmavision is an innovative course tailored for pharmacy graduates aiming to clear the PEBC examinations with flying colors. This course contains 10 comprehensive mock tests, each comprising 100 practice questions that reflect the diversity and complexity of the topics covered in the actual exams. The questions are crafted to simulate the PEBC examination’s mixed-format, covering all relevant subjects to ensure a holistic preparation. Additionally, the course offers a unique feature allowing students to design their own mock tests. This flexibility enables learners to focus on specific subjects, adjust the number of questions, and set the duration according to their preparation needs. Whether you need to focus on pharmacology, pharmacy law, or patient care, our customizable tests provide the perfect practice platform.

This Program includes:

10 PEBC Mock Test Papers 

Includes more than 1000 MCQs

Course Outcome

Who this course is for?

Pharmacy Students

Foreign-trained pharmacists who want to practise, migrate, and settle in Canada.

Ideal for both- those taking the PEBC exam for the first time and those who are reappearing.

This Program includes:


Nitesh Viramgama​


Reg.Clinical Pharmacist (Australia)
Citizen of Australia

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