Clinical Science

Pharmavision has specially designed the Clinical Science program to prepare Indian Pharmacy students for great career opportunities as clinical Pharmacists across the world.

By Nitesh Viramgama​


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Duration:80hrs 10min

Language:Hindi & English

What you'll learn?

Course Description

As a Clinical Pharmacist, you can work in various healthcare settings like Hospitals, Community pharmacies, Long term care services, government health departments and ambulatory care services, critical care units, and many more. There are more than 27 different career titles under which you can work as a Clinical Pharmacist like Hospital Pharmacist, disease management pharmacist, medication review Pharmacist, and so on. The clinical Pharmacy profession is one of the dynamic and highly respected professions with great earning as well as business potential, average annual salary of pharmacists is about $115,000/. Additionally, the profession is growing at a 5% annual growth rate with the highest possibilities of getting immigration and settlement opportunities in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. In the Clinical Science course, you will learn more than 70 different chapters which include over 100 different concepts. The entire course has been divided into nine units. The program has been designed with the motive to make your learning process easy, concise, and applicable by using 8 scientifically proven learning tools. It is a complete learning ecosystem.

Course Curriculum

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Who this course is for?

Pharmacy Students

Healthcare Students (Nursing,BDS,MBBS & etc)

Clinical Researchers

Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals

This course includes:


Nitesh Viramgama​


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