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When I first started off planning as to where I would be pursuing my higher education, it was very frustrating. I realized that I needed professional help to help me in selecting a good university for the same. Nitesh Sir has played a very important role in my life in helping me choose an appropriate university for myself. I truly admire him sense of professionalism. In this process of choosing the University, he also assisted me in resolving the ocean of doubts that I had regarding the career and also being highly supportive. He provided individual attention to me and supported me through this process. The interview process and the whole process of Visa application became very easy due to his help. 
Pharmavision is doing a wonderful job in assisting many students in seeking University admissions abroad and I am very thankful to Nitesh Sir and the entire team for helping me. Overall, the past few months have been a wonderful journey. 

Barkha Patel

First of all, I thank Nitesh Sir & Team for the immense support and guidance in getting an admission to the Cornell College and get a visa to New Zealand. You have been a great support from the beginning. I am so much obliged to thank you. I know. There have been some obstacles in getting an unconditional offer. The team was so co-operative and helped me to get the offer. I appreciate what you have done and a simple thank you would not be enough. I think without no doubt that the organization name Pharmavision did a great job and continue to be such great help to people like me."

Bhargav Lumbani

Pharmavision helped me put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through. I met Nitesh sir, who happens to be very efficient with his work and equally knowledgeable. All my questions and concerns were taken and discussed seriously; my counselor understood my requirements and helped me achieve the same. 

It’s because of Pharmavision, I can proudly say that I am I student of University of La Trobe, Melbourne. It is one of the best universities in Australia

The team of Pharmavision is motivating, helpful and very encouraging. I thank Pharmavision for their guidance and support, even at odd hours as I was from Vadodara and it was not easy to come every now and then to office for every process.


Premda Patel

  I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to Pharmavision and get everything done under one roof. Pharmavision not only provided me with an in depth knowledge regarding pharmacy, but also gave me a very broad horizon to explore in life in a few minutes I was convinced that I am in good hands. Thanks Sir.

Hemali Desai

         Initially I was not aware regarding clinical pharmacy however the scenario completely changed after joining pharmacy. The two-way learning process founded by sir is really helpful for learning. The team and staff members are very helpful and supportive.


Shweta Patel