Rushit Kotecha , B.Pharm – 2013

Rushit Kotecha , B.Pharm – 2013
S.J.Thakkar Pharmacy College - Gujarat
Age - 28 years


Hello friends, at the time of my career planning with Nitesh Sir, as he is a man of
vision, he suggested me an integrated “5 years career plan” with perfect and
clear vision. Based upon this career plan, I had to select that kind of program
which can be helpful to get wide career opportunities, in case, if something goes
wrong with PEBC CANADA. But my focus was towards PEBC and during my
studies, I had to complete it. The initial plan was to become a Registered
Pharmacist in 3 years’ time and in a span of 5 years to earn at least $ 1 lakh per
annum. Those were the clear objectives stated by Nitesh Sir while planning for
career in 2013. By following the plan step by step, I selected Food and Science
Technology Program in Canada and completed the Licencing examination and
presently I earn $90,000/- per year. The plan has worked fabulously for me and
during the entire process, Nitesh Sir and his team has helped me to achieve my


I have noticed many Pharmacy students from the best Pharmacy Colleges with
excellent education profile but, they have ended up nowhere and also are facing
difficulties in getting their visa. I am strongly recommending the students from
pharmacy backgrounds in order to achieve their dreams, this is the best
consultancy to get expert career guidance and long-term career planning with
clear goals of a successful career. So, choose your career consultant wisely.
Thank you.