International Pharmacist Competency Development Program


IPCD Program is an unique and specially designed for Indian Pharmacy Students.


  1. To prepare students for international Pharmacist Competency standards
  2. To get License to practice as a Pharmacist in Abroad

Pharmavision is providing training for overseas Pharmacist licensing examination preparation through International Pharmacist Competency development program TM (IPCD). It has been design & developed on revolutionary research of over 10 years. Methodology used for study includes a mix of classroom training experiential learning, interactive. Activity based workshops, and individual reviews.

IPCD focuses on concept implementation so that knowledge does not remain as knowledge but it converts to competencies. This will help the Pharmacist to become competent with visible results.

IPCD Classes cover entire Licensing Process: Preparation for both evaluating (Stage-1) and Qualifying (Stage-2) Examinations.


Program Name Time Duration IPCD- Batches Intake
IPCD Comprehensive Program 40 Sessions June-July (SEPT Intake), Oct-Nov (Jan Intake)
IPCD Intensive Workshop 10 days full time(6 hours daily) Feb Batch (May Intake), July Batch (Sept Intake), Nov Batch (Jan Intake)
IPCD- Video Session 40 Sessions Any Time

IPCDTM Testimonial

Our Success Story

  1. Since 2010, more than 1000 Pharmacy students have satisfactory completed, IPCDTM at the Pharmavision
  2. Our Students licensing examintations passing Success ration is about 85%